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Things DC Needs To Learn From MCU in Order To Beat Marvel In The Extended Universe League.

The never-ending conflict between The DC Comics and Marvel Comics are what makes both of them a classic. But the bigger question that lies within is who is better than whom? Although according to popular opinion it is believed that DC comics can adapt some of their comics to beat Marvel.

The War Between The Original And The Adapted Ones!

With the immense amount of success with Wonder Woman and Aquaman, with the box office sailing smoothly along with these characters and the Justice League and The Suicide squad filmmakers had high hopes on the DC comic franchise. On the contrary, it’s equally true that some have been too quick to pronounce the series’ death. Both Wonder Woman and Aquaman were immensely successful and achieved that success by divesting from the original vision optioned by Snyder in his first two films. There is still hope as with the new Batman and new direction coming in the forefront for Warner Brothers.

Better Casting For DC Comic Turned Films Maybe!

Some of the issues that could be overcome by the new direction can be discussed. For instance, people still feel that the creation of the Suicide Squad could have been justified better. The soundtrack was also considered quite jarring. Apart from the Squad even the status of Deathstroke in the DCU comics are somewhat confusing as well.

Some fans have shown a little scepticism regarding the character of Aquaman and the casting that was done for the film. In the actually 1994 Aquaman depiction the character had a signature hook hand. In the Jason Momoa version, one element is completely missing that is the inevitable hook hand.

Apparently, there are some loopholes in the original and the later made versions of the DC comics which needs utmost attention to get at par with Marvel comics. The recent success of the movie Joker has surely increased the brand value for DC comics.

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