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Punisher’s Ben Barnes Meets Marvel For A Hero Role In An ‘Unknown’ Movie, Here’s What We Know

Ben Barnes who acted in the Netflix series “Punishers’ is in talks with Marvel Studios for a superhero role.

‘The Punishers’ is one of the Marvel’s shows on Netflix was canceled, alongside all of the other Marvel shows on Netflix.

He has already met with Marvel Studios about a potential hero role within the MCU. The former Punisher star naturally refrained from divulging too much, too soon, but he did at least confirm meetings between himself and the Powers That Be about a “couple of superheroes” who may or may not feature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Barnes wouldn’t be the first Marvel TV actor to be cast in a different role for a Marvel film – Luke Cage‘s season one antagonists Mahershala Ali (who played Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes) and Alfre Woodward (“Black” Mariah Dillard) have both been recast in films – Woodward in a small cameo role in Captain America: Civil War and Ali in the lead role in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Blade film.

The Punisher‘s Ben Barnes  (Jigsaw) said that he had conversations with Marvel Studios about playing a second MCU character,

“I did talk to them about something this year, but it was a bit too close to doing The Punisher, I think, for them, but, you know, they have proof that you can – particularly if it was on TV, you can go back and do a movie if there’s a character that’s right.”

The name of the movie, the name of the superhero, the kind of superhero, and the kind of powers it will have, nothing has been announced neither from the side of Barnes nor from the Marvel Studio.

Fans can only assume anything after one of them announces something regarding that movie through its official social media handles.

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