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Selena Gomes And Bella Hadid Feud Ends? Gomez Follows Hadid On Instagram

Social Media is a platform where you will find almost all the celebs sharing the photos of their happy moments with their loved ones, with some sharing their upcoming projects’ details.

It has become a regular affair for these celebs to keep updating their social media accounts in order to maintain their fame in front of their fans.

Instagram, one of these media platforms, is a hit among celebrities where they follow each other and can make a constant touch with their fans by replying to their personal, messages and comments.

Although it is very hard to track each and every detail of these celebrities because there is not just one but many.

But their fan pages have made this task comparatively easier as fans get quick notification related to their favorite celebs whom they are following on Instagram.

The same is in the case of Selena Gomes And Bella Hadid.

What Was The Feud Between Selena And Hadid

Selena dated The Weekend(Singer) from January 2017 to October 2017, and he and Bella have been on and off for the past four years.

While Selena started dating this singer(The Weekend) and was seen making out with him in the public, Bella took no time in unfollowing Selena on her Instagram account as soon as is heard the news.

This thing was the origin of their feud which lasted for a couple of years and in the course of the last two years, it looks like Selena also unfollowed Bella.

As per the information, Bella reached out to Selena this year when she liked a photo posted by Selena on her Instagram account.

As far as ‘The Weekend’ is concerned, none of them are following him because he is on Instagram anymore and he was seen hanging out with Bella this October which clearly shows us that three of them have moved ahead in their life instead of holding grudges against each other.

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