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Khloe Kardashian Is Again Single After Splitting From Tristan Thompson! His Cheating Scandal Opened New Love Avenues For Khloe

In a life full of stardom, fame, and success, Khloe’s love life and her relationships are known for all wrong reasons.

All her relationships ended on a note where she felt cheated and disheartened, but she kept on moving ahead from all those negative things in her life and kept her morale high.

She even discussed and gave a statement on her previous love life where she took divorce from her former husband, A Basketball player, Lamar Odom while keeping a positive outlook on romance.

“What I’ve learned from my first ex-husband is that you’ll be OK’, she said. She said one must go through their feelings and also pointed out that it was nor hard for her to come out of that divorce.

“Me knowing I could survive that, I would rather experience those moments of greatness than never experience it. Life is about love; you’ll find someone again once you heal’, she added.”

She married LA Lakers player Lamar, 39, in September 2009 after dating him for one month. 

One after another, Tristan’s relationship scandals kept coming in the news and never stopped.

But of them kept continuing their relationship keeping their daughter in mind, but his scandals one after the other were not something she would have coped up with.

Tristan even hooked up with Kylie Jenner’s BFF Jordyn Woods, which was not something to be accepted. Although they are not in a relationship anymore, they have to make things easier for themselves as they have a child together.

Tristan’s Mansion Near Khloe’s Residence

Although they broke months ago, it seems as if they have come closer to each other once again after Tristan has reportedly bought a considerable mansion near Khloe’s house.

The mansion is huge, and he purchased it for a whopping amount of $6.5 billion. He is supposed to have bought this mansion to keep himself closer with his child, who currently lives with his former wife, Khloe.

Nothing regarding Tristan’s mansion has been said by Khloe yet.

His mansion is just a 25-minute drive from his ex’s house.

But Khloe’s failed romances haven’t stopped her from exploring her into new relationships and tying not with her new love; she even said in an interview that she is ready to tie the knot with someone whom she can crust and be in love with.

Khloe 34 insisted that she hasn’t given up on love, and she admitted that she is not even thinking about dating as she continues to focus on her ‘mind, body, and soul.’

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