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Pokecord Commands-A Complete Step By Step Guide

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Discord bot is a pair of programs by which you can chat and communicate with the game in real-time of enjoying with your gaming partners. Pokecord permits you to grab, train, and struggle with your Pokemon’s for your buddies and your gaming partners.

It’s possible to use pokecord by employing pokecord commands since it lets you capture, battle, and instruct Pokemon to raise your collection.

Every time a random pokemon looks on your gaming in your server, then it is possible to battle, grab, and instruct them to attain your degrees from the sport by communicating together with your gaming partners.

Pokecord is a super detailed Discord Bot that allows you to collect, battle, and trade Pokemon! Instead of throwing Poke Balls, a bot will randomly spawn a Pokemon in a designated channel in a participating Discord.

The image of the Pokemon is displayed, but the name is not. It is your job to respond with the name as quickly as possible. Whoever gets it first, gets the Pokemon!

Apart from it, regardless of throwing arbitrary pokeballs to this and there at the game, you can press and grab the targeted pokemon so correctly.

It’s an intensely comprehensive discord bot to get the Pokemon game. Inside this bot, a random pokemon picture would look on your game server with no name, and then it is your job which you may need to provide their name correctly as quickly as possible by employing pokecord commands to possess them who gave them termed fast yeah!

Pokemon are of the gamer. Means Whoever called it and properly has got the Pokemon. Additionally, there’s no limitation to grab and struggle with pokemons inside. It features Xp and credits to store up, level, and combat with your gaming spouse.

Pokecord Principles How Pokecord functions are it attracts Pokemon information from Bulbapedia. Pokemon could be traded and struggled (1 v 1), and there is no penalty for losing a struggle and no reason to not grab or exchange anything.

There is no winning or losing the match, which means it is possible to play casually or as you enjoy. Pokecord is not an ideal Pokemon clone nonetheless. The Way To Perform PokecordYou’re able to play any Discord server which has Pokecord empowered.

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You may either invite the bot for your server, connect our host (we are well-intentioned), or join the official pokecord server (anticipate grabbing spawns to be unbelievably competitive). Spawns appear like a mix function of period and what number of messages submitted, meaning that a more active server signifies greater pokemon–but also more competition to capture those pokemon.

Aggressive Gameplay Theoretically speaking, Pokecord tries to emulate Pokemon struggles almost 1:1. It’s in practice fairly buggy nevertheless. It can be nowhere near the standard of Smogon’s Battle Simulator, which I advise that you use if you need competitive and authentic gameplay (or you know, play with the real games). Nevertheless, the very same facets of aggressive gameplay in Pokemon use to Pokecord.

It’s so essential to understand Natures and IVs for person pokemon, tiers along with matchups and each of the strategy in a usual pokemon game. The most significant gap in Pokecord is the fact that all duels are just 1, which is really a very unbalanced format resulting in lots of Deadly from the unofficial Smogon form for this.

Fundamentally the most effective marginal or Mega Evo you’ve got will always triumph. This dramatically restricts strategy, especially making any type of change in, kamikaze, or snare gimmicks moot and significantly reducing the significance of Bulk while exaggerating the high relevance of rate.

Other significant differences in Pokecord (besides the bugs) contain that status moves don’t operate, natures may be altered (although not IVs, that regular Pokemon DOES allow you to improve…), which means you are really only searching for high IVs, should you care for them.

Additionally, abilities do not seem to be executed (RIP Shedinja) and maintained things would also be only for development. This is a manual for enjoying Pokecord fast, not a comprehensive Pokemon strategy. There is already quite established websites to teach you that the latter, so take a look at these links if you would like to understand more.

What’s more, if you understand all pokecord commands, then you can level yourself up by obtaining more Xp and exchange pokemons regarding the charge you gained inside.

I think you’re entirely knowledgeable about the word about Pokecord discord bot. As you’ve already discovered that pokecord is a sort of discord bot that brings pokemon into the discord of your host.

To operate and revel in pokecord, you merely add the pokecord bot for your server or run it correctly by understanding the all pokecord commands on the discords server. You can produce your discord bot host to include bots onto it and also to use favorite bots onto it.

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Alternatively, additionally, you may run it on the Pokcord server that’s by default runs onto it.

To find out more about ways to produce your discord server click the hyperlink.

How To Utilize Pokecord:

To utilize a pokecord bot, you’d need to be much comfortable with its commands called pokecord commands.

Some basic commands:

It may differ from servers. However, the entire commands are the same for many servers. Firstly there are a”de” Facing you, and Occasionally a few servers changed this expression to another person.

But, we’d talk by allowing it to our foundation term since the default option pokecord server itself uses it. You are also able to see Pokemon Amount that has referenced through these kinds of commands inside.

You are also able to get your Pokemon amount by merely looking for your Pokemon using the”p!pokemon –title ” command.

P!start — This control lets you only enter in the game. Additionally, you may need to use this control first, and then you can capture any Pokemon.

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P!pick — once you’ve started, Then employing this control, you’d have the ability to decide on any Pokemon to begin or maybe requested to select a starter Pokemon.

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Additionally, you can choose from some of those starters pokemons across each of the generations. Apart from it, You may need to put in this command at a Pokecord supported Discord station to learn more about it.

P!help — To get any type of support in the game regarding playing and using it.

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When you’ve done after choosing your Pokemon in-game, additionally, there’s a good deal of commands for you may use to do.

They’re so much helpful to be permitted. Therefore there’s not any genuine reason to not did execute together. It would present your Pokemon’s complete and appropriate information that’s critical for you.

Additionally, if you would like to battle or may compare between these, then p!order command will be in use. Besides, it can assist you by ordering your Pokemon to exchange or boost your selection to win conflicts, regardless of what you enjoy or not.

P!catch — This control lets you provide pokemons with a right title to capture them whenever a crazy Pokemon spawns facing you through pokecord.

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P!hint — This control will reveal some hint points into this Pokemon that is presently recorded before you to receive them on your pokeballs.

P!select — This control lets users pick Pokemon to make sure what Pokemon would get XP from via communication, and that would struggle with the competitor pokemon.

P!select newest — This control permits you to chooses your recently pokemon captured by you on your pokeballs or redeemed by you in the match.

P!info newest — This control can show you the advice of the most recent Pokemon captured by you.

P!info glistening — This control exhibited a glistening and glowing version of your chosen Pokemon using their base data.

P! info — This control can display the info regarding the Pokemon connected to a chosen number.

P!pokemon — This control would display a comprehensive list of your Pokemons that you’ve got.

P!pokemon –title This control will show a listing of Pokemons you have of the names of these.

P!pokemon –glistening This control will display your glistening and full glowing Pokemon facing you to combat along with other folks.

P!pokedex — This command may reveal your Pokedex using an entire count of just how many you have and how much you do not.

P!nickname — This control will give a nickname into the chosen Pokemon according to you personally.

P!dropitem — This control will fall the thing like in your pocket that is your existing Pokemon is holding together with him.

P!mega — This control may be used to evolve a Pokemon into an X or Y or some other sort of it. But for that to make sure that you need to have a mega-development purchased, which now costs 1,000 credits each.

P!release — This control may be used to launch your chosen Pokemon. But fortunately, it provides you a prompt verification alert before discharging it if mistake releasement of pokemon from the game or incorrect pokemon.


The marketplace permits you to market and buys Pokemon. You buy Pokemon with credits, these may be made by dueling or selling your captured Pokemon.

P!bal | indicates the number of credits you might have. P!market hunt | Display the page of this Marketplace.

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P!market hunt | Look for the Marketplace.

P!market see | View comprehensive information for a Pokemon in the Marketplace.

P!market information | Choice to See.

P!market listing | List a pokémon in the Marketplace.

P!market purchase | Purchase a Pokemon out of the Marketplace.

p!market view <Pokemon ID> – To see the detailed information of pokemon.

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You’ll have to validate your purchase with p!confirmbuy or cancel it using p!cancel. P!market eliminate | Eliminate one of your Pokemon out of the Marketplace.

P!market listings | Show the Pokemon you’ve recorded on the Industry.

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Search Alternatives These could be utilized along with this”p!market search” to further enhance your search.

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By way of instance, in the event that you wished to look for Charizard’s of a top IV in order of highest to lowest while demonstrating that the IV: “p!market hunt –title Charizard –showiv –dictate iv d”.–title | Look for Pokemon by title.

Look for Pokemon by the nickname. –degree | Look for Pokemon by amount.

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–holding | Look for Pokemon from the thing they’re holding.

–kind | Look for Pokemon by variety. | Look for Pokemon with a Particular price.

Look for Pokemon with their HP IV.

–atkiv | Look for Pokemon with their Attack IV.

–defiv | Look for Pokemon with their Defense IV.

Look for Pokemon with their Special Attack IV.

–spdefiv | Look for Pokemon with their Particular Defense IV.

–speediv | Look for Pokemon with their Rate IV.

–glistening | Look for shiny Pokemon.

When hunting for IVs, you can use this”>” or”<” symbols to look for a range of IVs, like this: –hpiv > 27It’s possible to use multiple search options in one command.

Order results by Pokemon ID. Order results by Pokemon level.

–dictate cost ascending/descending | Order results by cost.

–dictate iv ascending/descending | Purchase by the amount of this Pokemon’s IVs. –dictate title ascending/descending | Order results by title.

It is possible to type a or instead of ascending/descending for order to spare some time. Opens the store menu. P!buy | Purchases a product in the store.

It begins a transaction with someone. They will then need to perform p!accept to complete the transaction or p!deny to deny it.

P!p include | Insert one or many Pokemon to a trade deal. P!p eliminate | Eliminate one or a number of Pokemon out of your trade deal. P!c include | Add

credits into your trade deal. P!c eliminate | Eliminate credits out of your trade deal.

P!confirm | Verify the trade, the two consumers should affirm for the transaction to experience. Cancel the transaction.

As you may understand, Challenges are a brand new addition and updating into the match. Additionally, without Uplevel challenges, a match gets itself only boring stuff, not over that. Still, If someone completes each of the challenges they have in their amounts, then they’re extremely rightful to be rewarded with credits.

P!challenges – This control can demonstrate the recent challenges that are offered for you or the record of challenges that you would like to take degree wise.

P!fav — This is the very command which will you reveal a listing of your favourite Pokemon from the game. Additionally, you can alter or alter the listing of your favourite pokemons since, at last, its depend upon you that what sort of listing your favourite pokemons is.

P!add fav — This control may be utilized to Insert Pokemons to a favorites list of those. As i already told you previously that you also can alter your favourite pokemon’s record, then this is the most command that you may use to include pokemons to your favourite listing.

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P! removefav — This control may be used to get rid of any Pokemon from the favourites list to modify your available list or to change it based on you.

It is not an amicable item to ask you exactly what you’d wish to battle with friends and family in the sport, Right? You then would have to use these commands into your discord bot server.

Additionally, you can acquire credits and lots of for beating and compete with your duelling spouse and gambling partner from the sport.

P!select — You can use this control to choose the Pokemon they would like to utilize in their own battle.

P!moves — One can exhibit their chosen Pokemon’s present moves, and also the available moves they could learn how to conquer their rival or gambling companion.

P!learn — You can try to learn the movement they’ve selected to combat. But they’d have to decide on which mode they wish to replace it with the real transfer.

P!replace — You can use this control to replace any existing move together with the one they’re attempting to learn today.

P!duel <@Username> — You can use this control to encourage your competitor gaming companion to overcome with you or may challenge any chosen discord user to some Duel or conflict.

Nonetheless, be certain that you put @ before their username and not simply type their name.

P!use — By employing this control, you’ll be able to earn a transfer of your chosen Pokemon that’s already recorded by this amount.

These commands will help you trade Pokemons from the sport. You can buy Pokemons together with the credits. These credits could be earned from duelling, beating, or purchasing or selling your captured Pokemon in the game.

As you know that we’ve covered important and most significant commands over so as well as these commands, all these are both crucial, important, enjoyable, and new commands to utilize.

Stay tuned, also, you can make your credits by trading (selling or buying ) of pokemons from the sport.

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P!market hunt — This control may be used to demonstrate the requested page of this market that you would like to determine to exchange with your pokemons from the sport.

P!market see — You can use this control to see the detailed advice of a Pokemon on the marketplace in their charge to exchange thoughtful details.

P!market advice an individual can use this control for an alternate to see market search through your distinctive Pokemon I Had, which includes each Pokemon in the game.

P!market listing — By employing this control, you’ll be able to view a list of accessible Pokemon’s at the marketplace.

P!market purchase — By employing this control, it’s possible to purchase any Pokemon in the market in the event of if this pokemon will be accessible to exchange on the industry. For that, You’d have to validate your buying before trade on the industry.

P!confirmbuy — Using this control, you can affirm your buying cart to exchange in the accessible pokemon marketplace to purchase or sell pokemons from the sport.

P!cancel — By applying this control, you’d have the ability to cancel your buying anytime to charge your credits back on your server’s charge account.

They do not need to exchange on the marketplace or do not need to sell any special Pokemon from the marketplace because of any reason.

P!market listings — By employing this command, you’d have the ability to exhibit the Pokemons that you have recorded from the marketplace for trading purposes. Simply knowing the aforementioned interesting commands that we’ve learned above aren’t sufficient to conquer your opponent’s gaming companion from the sport.

So today, we’re going to learn how to utilize those commands of search choices besides this to the”p!market search” to additionally enhance your search questions.

By way of instance, if someone wanted to look for Charizard of a top IV regarding best to lowest tier while demonstrating the IV, then you can use these lookup commands to compete with the conquered from the sport.

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1. –title by applying this control, it’s possible to look for almost any Pokemon by its title only.

2. –nickname — By employing this command, it’s possible to look for almost any Pokemon by its own nickname just.

3. –degree — By employing this control, it’s possible to look for almost any Pokemon by its degree just.

4. –holding — By applying this control, you can look for almost any Pokemon by simply typing or selecting the thing they had been holding just.

5. –kind — By employing this control, it’s possible to look for almost any Pokemon by its kind only.

6. –cost — By applying this control, you can look for almost any Pokemon by understanding a particular cost of this just.

7. –atkiv — By employing this control, it’s possible to look for almost any Pokemon with their Attack IV or assaulting moves or power only.

8. –defiv — You can use this control to look for any Pokemon by simply understanding their surveillance IV or defensive abilities only.

9. –spatkiv — You can use this control to look for any Pokemon by simply understanding their distinctive Attack IV or any unique and special attacking abilities in the sport.

10. –spdefiv — You can use this control to look for any Pokemon by simply understanding their distinctive Defense IV or any distinctive defensive abilities only.

11. –speediv — You can use this control to look for any Pokemon by simply understanding their Rate IV.

12. –glistening — You can use this control to look for almost any shiny and glowing Pokemon from the game correctly.

Additionally, you can use numerous search options or lookup commands in one question in pokecord.

Today we will cover essential sequence choices commands next so you would have the ability to conduct all order questions which would be required for you beforehand.

1. –order identification ascending/descending — you can use this control to dictate results by simply understanding the exceptional Pokemon ID.

2. –dictate lvl ascending/descending — you can use these commands to dictate results by simply knowing the Pokemon degree or degree of the Pokemon in this game.

3. –order cost ascending/descending — you can use this control to dictate results by simply knowing the purchase price of any special Pokemon in the game.

4. –dictate iv ascending/descending — you can use this control to dictate by simply knowing the amount of this Pokemon’s IVs.

5. –dictate title ascending/descending — you can use this control to dictate results by simply knowing the title of the Pokemon in the game.

Yet another thing as you’re giving any questions regarding resizing of some info, then you can type a and instead of typing ascending/descending for ordering your belongings from pokecord to conserve your time and attempts to win.

1. P!shop — This control may be used to start the store menu on the marketplace.

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2. P!buy — This control may be used to purchase any product from the store on the marketplace in the pokecord.

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Some Most Useful And Common Trading Commands:

1. P!trade @User — This control may be used to begin a trade with somebody on the marketplace. But they’d need to take the trading invitation together with this specific trader.

2. P!accept — This control may be used to take the trading invitation from any dealer in the marketplace for mutual trading at the pokecord.

3. P!p include — This control may be used to include just one or more Pokemons into the trade deal on the marketplace.

4. P!p eliminate — This control may be used to eliminate one or more Pokemon in the trade deal on the marketplace.

5. P!c include — This control may be used to include credits to the available trade offers on the industry.

6. P!c eliminate — This control may be used to eliminate credits in the available trade deal on the marketplace.

7. P!confirm — This control may be used to verify the potential trade. However, the problem is that the majority of the consumers have to be verified for their own trade to undergo ahead on the marketplace.

8. De! Cancel — This control may be used to cancel the available trade offers on the marketplace in the pokecord.

Additionally, you may get 100 — 250 credits for performing so in every 12 hours at the match.

P!silence — This control may be used to activate up your level through messages. Means should you talk on servers, which includes Pokecord.

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Then it might alert you if your Pokemon degrees up in each conflict or at each time that they levelled up. Nevertheless, this is annoying for somebody, and that means it is possible to silence that alarms by using this control at the pokecord.

P!redeem — This control may be useful for trading itself, Means should you have some redeem alternative available inside, Then you’d obtain a Pokemon of the title that you’ve entered earlier in the pokecord.

P!redeem credits This control may be used to market any money which you possessed for 15,000 credits back into the bot itself inside into the pokecord. These were a few most common and many useful general pokecord commands.

Next, we’re going to cover different Bot commands alongside make sure your winning battle.

Be certain that you read the entire article because something persuasive and Fascinating is waiting for you under.

Stay tuned.

P!botinfo — This control may be used to reveal a few overall bot info in the pokecord.

source: thedigitalwise

P!donate — This control may be utilized to Send any URL to contribute to encouraging the bot from the pokecord.

source: thedigitalwise

P!patreon — This control may be used to deliver some URL to the particular bot’s patreon webpage at the pokecord.

P!prefix — This control may be utilized to Establish server prefix. What’s more, if you do not enjoy the”de” Prior to every command because of some of the motives, Then you can also alter it with this control.

P! redirect <#Channel Name> — This control may be helpful concerning that in the event that you desire any Pokemon to spawn in any special and special channel. Bye with this command, it is possible to change it from the pokecord server.

P!redirect disable This control may get used regarding this, if you would like to allow the spawns in everyone the stations again that you need to modify past, Then using this command, you are able to disable the redirection you failed earlier.

P!channel enable/disable — This control may be used to disable or enable”de” Commands from the station where you’re running your robots or match in the pokecord.

Poke bot can also be a discord bot of sport Pokemon such as pokecord discord bot. You are able to capture hundred and million of Pokemon by utilizing this bot too.

Additionally, as you let know from performing struggles to purchasing or purchasing Pokemons.

Besides, it consists of an entire cash circle to exchange in the sport.

source: pokecord

npcbattle [] — By utilizing this specific control, you can perform experiments on your conflict on your duel.

pokeinfo [user] — By utilizing this command, you can assess others chief pokemon’s evs and ivs through this command.

setpoke [pokemon identification ] — By utilizing this command, you can alter your most important pokemon to be in the ideal location.

Begin [] — This is actually the very command wherever your pokemon experience begins to enjoy.

Coinsrank [] — By applying this control, you can assess the TOP 10 richest coaches in the sport. Moreover, on your desired money also.

Givecoins — By applying this control, it is possible to give pokecoins to another dealer in the sport.

mart [buy or market ] [thing ] [level ] — Using this control, you can purchase Pokeballs, Evolution stones, and a lot more items from the pokemart.

release [pokemon id] — By applying this control, you are able to discharge any pokemon to acquire pokecoins from the match.

weekly []- Using this control, you can quickly receive your weekly trophy there and can invest cash to purchase pokeballs.

guide [] — By applying this control, you can find a comprehensive guide to the way to perform using this bot.

help [command] — By employing this control is you’re able to find all your commands record and data from the sport.

partner [] — By applying this control, you can understand the way to be a spouse of this bot of anybody.

ping [] — By applying this control, it is possible to display NONE on the monitor.

explore [pokeball] — By applying this control, you can grab pokemons by researching them just from the sport.

main poker [user] — By using this control, you can assess other main pokemon from the game.

nickname [nickname] — By applying this control, you can alter your first pokemon From the match to conquer.

Pokecord Pokemon Listing: So till today, we’ve covered many things about Pokcord commands and about it.

As you’ve already discovered that you may produce your pokemon game so simpler with pokecord discord bot. These were some straight forward pokecord hacks.

Keep loving. Last words: I trust that you find this informative article helpful and worthy to you.

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