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Deadpool’s Zazie Beetz Teases Interest In Playing Storm In MCU

Zazie Beetz, who starred in ‘Dead Pool’ and ‘Joker,’ spoke in a recent interview and expressed his desire to play ‘Storm’ in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s movies.

The actress has not desired to be a part of another superhero franchise of her career.

In a recent interview, she was asked whether she would like to give an audition for the role of ‘Storm’ when it was being recast with a younger player.

X-Men has officially become the part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hence it has become possible for the makers to reboot those characters again in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s s(MCU) movies.

As one of the vital parts of the squad, Storm will surely be a crucial part of the MCU’s latest evaluation of the team, and in the interview she gave, she sounded like she was interested in that character. 

She said,

“Yeah, I think I would be down. According to me, it is the script which is important, and if the script is as per my preference, I will look into it. I think it would be super fun to do that. ‘Storm’ is essentially such an important character. I mean it would be kind of big shoes to fill, I think. I do not want to confuse viewers too much and be all over the place, and now I’m doing DC as well. I think it would be super fun. It would be a lovely opportunity for me.”

Disney has planned to release another part of Deadpool, i.e., Deadpool 3, where Ryan Reynolds would be returning as its lead character.

However, it is still unknown yet who else will be returning from other Deadpool installment apart from Ryan Reynolds. 

Having been starred in major movies such as Deadpool 2 and ‘Joker,’ her role as Storm would be praised worldwide, and if given a chance, she would never do injustice with her character(Storm).

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