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Man Slashed Wife And 5-Year-Old Daughter To Death As Wife Desired A Divorce, Later Hanged Himself In Daughter’s Bedroom

The man who officials consider brutally killed his wife and 5-year-old daughter before taking his own life had threatened his wife about her wish for a divorce, her family says.

On Wednesday night, Sources reported that Yonathan Tedla, 46-year-old, his wife Jennifer Schlecht, 43-year -old, and their 5-year-old daughter as identified as Abnysh Tedla, were discovered dead in their Harlem brownstone.

According to multiple reports, Jennifer had been executed and was found in the bathroom with her head on her thighs; though some reports have not added that information, and indicated that her throat had been slit but her head had not been completely cut. The little girl’s throat had been split, and Tedla reportedly hanged himself in the girl’s bedroom.

Jennifer’s father Kenneth Schlecht states that family members grew anxious about Jennifer as they had not heard from her on Wednesday, and called to inquire for a wellness check on Wednesday night.

The elder Schlecht said he was worried about his daughter’s safety, as she said to him that Tedla had become threatening about her wish for a divorce.

Most recently, she told to her parents of her fears in a phone call on Sunday, her father said, when she told that Tedla had frightened that he “was going to destroy her or take all of them down,” and that “he was not going to lose as he wins all the time.”

“She was in tears, a basket case,” Kenneth Schlecht states. “She did not know if he would carry on with the warnings.”

Jennifer was reportedly a previous member of the Peace Corps and at the time of her death, she worked for the United Nations Foundation, focusing on reproductive health in humanitarian disasters. According to a source, she met her husband, Tedla, when she was a graduate student at Columbia University, where he worked as a computer contractor at the time of his death.

Jennifer’s father said that the marriage was happy at the start but that Tedla ultimately became furious and threatening. Officials confirmed that Jennifer had got a restraining order against her husband in 2016, though there is no history of domestic incidents.

 Jennifer’s father said that “She could not change the locks as long as he legally lived there.”

“She was planning to gave him the papers for divorce and an order of protection first.”

Kenneth Schlecht states that she had planned to ask the order of protection on Tuesday, but the courts were closed for Election Day, so she was planning to on Wednesday.

“My wife supposed to hear something by 5 p.m from her.,” he stated.

“By about 9 p.m., when we did not hear anything from her, we called 911 and requested for a wellness check. And about 2 a.m., we learned that they found three dead bodies.”

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