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Married Woman Tied To Tree With Her Lover Over Extramarital Affair

In a recent case of violence, a married woman was tied on a tree along with her lover for having an extramarital affair.
This incident took place in Ranika village of Haryana, India, where woman’s in-laws found out about her extramarital affair with that man and decided to punish both of them(woman and her lover).
In a shocking revelation, some of the villagers filmed the whole incident on their phones, which included people beating the couple, and shamelessly posted that video on social media platforms.
As per the information gathered from local villagers and authorities, the case got heat on November 2, 2019, when she, along with her lover went to her in-laws house to drop off her two children who created a suspicion in the minds of her in-laws and they(in-laws) immediately realized that their daughter in law was in an illicit relation with some other guy.
Out of anger, the family decided to punish both of them. Soon after, the family member dragged both the woman and her lover out from the house and tied them to a tree in the village.
Both of them were beaten and hearing these noises; other villagers came at the scene to witness what was going around.
Following the video’s circulation on social media, police officers arrived at the scene to find the two lovers still tied to the tree. The lovers did not explain what happened and left.
However, some of the villagers told officers about what had happened.
Station house officer (SHO) Mahendra Singh revealed that a case had not been registered. He added that the police would take further action once they receive a complaint.

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