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Pregnant Mother Accidentally Ran Over And Killed 3-Year-Old Daughter While Turning The AC On

A heavily- pregnant mum was attempting to turn on the air conditioning when she unexpectedly ran over and killed her 3-year-old daughter.

Amanda Furner was getting her other three children into her car outside the Kiddy Place Learning Centre in Melbourne, Australia when the car swayed back and hit her 3-year-old daughter, Charlotte Smithers.

Furner said that she was turning on the air conditioning to get the car cool for her children in the 26 degrees Celcius heat.

She says that she handbrake on at the time and accuses the car, which she thinks was faulty, for the October 14 accident.

‘I know 100 % the car was in park with the handbrake on, but when I moved from my door to Charlotte’s door to put her in the car it rolled back,’ Furner states.

‘I do not remember much after that… but the [kindergarten] women have said to me I was holding her, screaming for help.’

The staff from the center administered CPR Charlotte while Amanda was taken inside.

Paramedics come to the incident but were unable to save the girl.

Amanda called Charlotte as a ‘bright, bubble little girl’ who ‘loaded everyone’s hearts with lots of love.’

Amanda and her family have been living in a motel since the accident as they are unable to return to her old home as to face Charlotte’s empty bed but states that her funds are now going low.

Amanda has now established up a fundraising page to support her pay for a new home to rent.

‘I know that I would not ever fully overcome from this, but for the sake of my [unborn] baby boy and my other children, I need to find the power to rebuild our lives,’ Amanda wrote on the page.

‘I can’t face going back to our home. It is far too depressing for me.’

‘I also know that I cannot live at a motel, nor take my baby boy home there.’

‘So I’m asking with all of my heart for your help.’

The accident has also caused difficulties with Amanda’s pregnancy, and her son is now set to be induced before his December 20 due date.

‘My body is still in trauma,’ she said.

‘I have grief counselling this week. I have been getting flashbacks of the accident in my sleep.’

My body is so severe. It is still recovering. I have all my left side hurt.

‘I hit my abdomen and the baby suffered as well, his movements have decreased, the hospital is having a close eye on the baby.’

She also plans to prosecute the company who owned her car, a rent-to-own.

She states she only got the car back from the company a week before the accident, having left it with the company for a month after a mechanic advised her it was not roadworthy.

She states that she would wait on the outcomes of a coroner’s report and a police report before beginning legal action.

On Wednesday a spokesperson for Victoria Police said that an inquiry was underway and that there is no charge brought for the case yet.

Detective Sergeant Daryll Out states that “We positively advise anybody who’s around children to be very cautious and careful that terrible accidents such as these can occur if everyone is not giving full attention to what they are doing.”


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