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A 29-Year-Old Ocala Man Was Arrested For Battering Her Pregnant Girlfriend Who Didn’t Allowed Him To Smoke

A 29-year-old Ocala man was arrested a week ago after he supposedly battered his 37-weeks-pregnant lover after she instructed him to not to smoke around her.

The unfortunate casualty came into the Ocala Police Department Oct. 30 and said her boyfriend of three years, Curtis Glenn Ragsdale, had “stuck” her and hit her more than once with a closed clench hand. She said they were at Ragsdale’s mom’s home when they got into a dispute over Ragsdale needing to smoke and the unfortunate casualty not enabling him to do as such for therapeutic reasons, as indicated by the OPD report.

The unfortunate casualty said Ragsdale got incensed and tossed her wireless over the front yard. She said she lost control and shouted at him, and Ragsdale “got” her from behind and “stuck” her against his chest. The injured individual said she turned out to be promptly worried for her unborn child, the report said.

The unfortunate casualty said she utilized her mobile phone to “false” a call to law authorization trying to frighten Ragsdale, who moved into her blue Chrysler PT Cruiser to leave the scene to maintain a strategic distance from law implementation. She said when Ragsdale entered the vehicle, she got in after him with an end goal to shield him from leaving, the report said.

The victim said as they were going down an obscure neighbourhood street, Ragsdale struck her two additional occasions in the head, at that point snatched her head and constrained her head down into his thigh. Ragsdale then disclosed to her they would go to his sister’s home so his sister could thrash the injured individual for his benefit, as indicated by the report.

The unfortunate casualty said once at Ragsdale’s sister’s home, she and Ragsdale escaped the vehicle and his sister attempted to diffuse the circumstance. She said Ragsdale stayed at the area a brief timeframe, “acting extreme,” before at last leaving. The officers attempted to talk with Ragsdale’s sister, yet she was hesitant to give information, the report said.

The official watched a little red imprint on the unfortunate casualty’s neck, which she said was brought about by Ragsdale. When asked whether Ragsdale realized she was pregnant, she said that despite the fact that he isn’t the kid’s dad, he has known about the pregnancy since she discovered and anticipated bringing up the kid as his own.

EMS was called to assess the person in question, however, she declined their administrations and said she’d look for therapeutic treatment all alone, as per the report.

He was accused this season of bothered domestic battery on a pregnant unfortunate casualty and taken to the Marion County Jail, where he was discharged Nov. 1 on $1,000 bond. Ragsdale will show up in Marion County Court on Dec. 3.

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