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A, 73-Year-Old Woman Was Robbed By Two Men Who Followed Her To Home From Bank

A 73-year-elderly woman was looted before her home in southeast Houston on Thursday by two men who had followed her home from the bank.

Her little girl’s view cameras got the theft on record. Presently police are searching for the two men in the video who took off with this current lady’s possessions.

Gina Villareal said her mom had returned home from the bank around 10:30 a.m. at the point when a dark vehicle appeared outside their home. The mother accepted the vehicle had been following her. Villareal got the unexpected call.

“It was hard for me – What my mother let me know-, ‘Hello, get back home. I have quite recently been burglarized,'” Villareal said.

Her mom had completed the process of taking care of tabs at the bank when she maneuvered into her garage. The dark vehicle was appeared on video pulling up and leaving over the road.

“She maneuvered into the driveway. She stayed there for a couple of minutes,” Villareal said. Following a few minutes, Villareal’s mom remained in the vehicle unalarmed. The vehicle drove off.

“She thought the men were lost,” Villareal said.

Surveillance video shows the frightening circumstance.

As the mother escapes the vehicle, the dark car is demonstrated leaving and returning. “This vehicle, the dark vehicle was simply watching her the entire time. They stopped over the road,” Villareal said.

As the lady pushed towards the home, the dark car is seen dismantling over to the side of the home. At that point, two men, one wearing red, the other wearing dark, hurried to her outside her entryway and attempted to loot her.

“That is the point at which the two men came and fundamentally grabbed her purse from her,” Villareal said.

Her mom at that point stood up to the men.

“I went to the bank, however, I don’t get any cash,” the mother said to two men.

The suspects snatched her wallet and the vast majority of her things and drove off. The mother was not hurt.

“It’s terrible and difficult to see that,” Villareal said subsequent to experiencing her Surveillance video.

Police are presently watchful for the men.

“For them, it resembles what might you do if that happened to your mom,” Villareal said.

In any case, they are thankful that nobody was harmed.

“That is the most significant part – that [my mother] is OK!” Villareal said.

“I simply trust that they’re gotten and that they don’t do that to any other person’s mother. I wouldn’t wish that on my most exceedingly terrible adversary,” Villareal said.

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