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A Massive Manhunt For A 13-year-old Accused Of Double Murder In North Carolina Came To An End When The Teen’s Mother Turned Him Over To Authorities

A 13-year-old who is accused of double murder in North Carolina came to an end late Wednesday when the teen’s mother turned him over to authorities of the area after he confessed the murder of his uncle’s house asking for food and a shower, the cops and other officials including his family members stated this.

The teen Jericho W. was taken in custody around 10 p.m. after his mother handed over him to the U.S Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force. The Robeson County who’s from the Sheriff’s Office stated this in his statement, including that the teen had been escaped firstly but afterward his own mother hand over him to the authorities.

Jericho was scheduled to appear in court for his trial on Tuesday for two counts of first-degree murder and for the robbery with a dangerous weapons charge after which he escaped around on the same noon in the city of Lumberton. He had to appear in the juvenile court which was being held at Robeson County Department of Social Service. As Jericho was in the custody of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety when he flew away from their custody.

After which the State Agency has confirmed that the teen is in safe custody now at the Cumberland Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Fayetteville.

Though the officials haven’t disclosed where the teen had gone after escaping from them, his mother  Nikki Jacobs has stated that first he has gone to his grandmother’s home on Tuesday night and spent the whole Wednesday theirs before finding a bicycle and while riding it escaping to his uncle’s place.

The teen and a 19-year-old  Derrick Deshawn Hunt were charged last month in October under the charge of murder of two men, Frank Thomas who was 34, and Adam Thomas who was  33 since they both were found dead in their home which they all shared.

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