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A Missing Student At Clark University Atlanta Was Found Dead And Authorities Say Her Roommate And The Roommate’s Boyfriend Will Be Charged In Her Death

A missing student, Alexis Crawford at Clark University Atlanta was found dead on Friday and officials say that her roommate and the roommate’s boyfriend will be charged in her death.

Erica Shields, the Atlanta police chief stated the body of Alexis Crawford, 21-year-old was discovered at a DeKalb County park, around 11 miles away from her off-campus residence.

Shields stated that “The case has come to one of the saddest results possible and has been completely heartbreaking. To Alexis’s family, our feelings go out to you. I am so sincerely sorry that we could not give you a better ending.”

Shields did not release any information on the cause of Alexis’s death and stated that the investigators have not yet established a reason. However, she remarked that Alexis filed a police case on October 27 reporting “unwanted kissing and touching” by 21-year-old Barron Brantley, who is the boyfriend of Alexis’s roommate Jordyn Jones, also 21-year-old. Shields stated investigators were securing arrest warrants for the crime against both Brantley and Jones.

The chief further states that one of the two suspects led the investigators to Alexis’s body, however, she did not specify which one among the two suspects.

Alexandria Crawford, Alexis’ sister, said police she last heard from her on the night of October 30. Alexis had texted her sister to ask that “What are you doing for the weekend?”  she replied, “Nothing.”

Alexis was last noticed in public that same day at a store near Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard in southwest Atlanta. Her family informed her missing two days later, on November 1.

Jones, said to the police that she took Alexis to a liquor store around 11:30 p.m. on the night of October 30. Police issued surveillance photos of Alexis from inside the liquor store.

Jones claimed she last saw Alexis at 12:30 a.m. Jones stated she then went to bed and did not see her in the apartment following that morning when Jones left for class.

A police report said that Alexis’s identification card, iPhone and debit card were all missing from the residence but her phone charger and keys were found inside the apartment.

George French Jr., the University President stated Alexis’s death was “the worst possible news.”

“Our deepest prayers and spirits are with her family. Tonight we moan together,” French wrote in a letter to the university family.

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