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A “Police Officer Of The Year” In Charleston, S.C., Has Been Arrested After Investigators Reviewed Bodycam Footage Showing Him Hitting A Handcuffed Suspect

After investigators examined bodycam footage a “Police Officer of the Year” in Charleston, S.C. has been arrested which revealed him hitting a handcuffed suspect.

Kevin Schlieben, 35, was charged with third-degree charge and assault, a source states. He appeared before a judge on Friday and was freed on his own recognizance.

The police said that he was named “Police Officer of the Year” in 2014 by the local Knights of Columbus organization.

Charleston Police Chief Luther Reynolds states that the bodycam video showed Schlieben beating suspect Rashad Robinson, 27, on July 1, the source reported.

The source reported that the arrest warrant states Schlieben told Robinson to “shut the —- up” and beat him in the head with an open hand.

The source reported in July that Schlieben and another officer stopped to question Robinson on suspicion of pulling on car door handles. 

There was also a foot chase and then a fight, the source states. During the fight, Schlieben and the other officer were wounded.

Next day after the incident, the two officers were given administrative leave.

Reynolds stated that “We want to make sure that we are an institution of honesty and that we are investigating these incidents and having the right results. Our officers need to understand that we support them. If it is reasonable, it is justified, and it is necessary. If we are not sure, we are going to investigate.”

Robinson, who has a rap sheet that involves 31 arrests, was charged with evading arrest.

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