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Amber Heard Has Been Granted Access To Superstar Johnny Depp’s Mental Records

It seems like there is a new twist in the Amber Heard- Johnny Depp equation. It seems like the ongoing battle is going to take a new side and new evidence has come at the forefront. The case is going on for a long time with Amber Heard penning down an article about how she has been a victim of domestic abuse. Johnny Depp has sued his ex-wife for defamation on this matter.

Apparently, last month Amber Heard’s lawyers had their request for access to Depp’s relevant medical files approved by a Virginia judge. Although they had to file an emergency motion seeking more documents. The documents are about the actor’s mental health and prescription drug use. Initially, his representatives declined to authorize their release.

Moreover, according to certain sources, Amber wants to use this evidence to show how drug abuse led to Depp’s violent outbursts. His disturbed state of mind led him to use those prescription drugs. Heard states that due to Johnny ’s constant use of alcohol and drugs were intertwined with the constant abuse that the actress suffered.

Furthermore, on the other hand, Depp has stated that the episodes of violent outburst never happened and the allegations made against him are false. Heard said that Depp was either too intoxicated or due to his mental condition does not remember his violent outbursts.

Amber Heard has said that Johnny Depp’s relationship with reality used to oscillate a lot due to his constant alcohol and drug abuse. Due to which his paranoia, aggression, and delusions often increased to an extreme level. All these led to the violent outburst that than actress had to suffer in the marriage. With all these newfound complications the case still continues and has still not reached a final point. We need to see what awaits in this ongoing case.

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