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An 8-Foot, 300-Pound Statue Of Sasquatch Went Missing Last Month From Outside Mattress Monsterz In Boynton Beach

Florida police are on the quest for whoever stole an eight-foot, 300-pound Bigfoot statue outside a furniture store last month.

On Wednesday, Boynton Beach police took to social media to share an image of the large Sasquatch in beliefs the public could help with recovering the missing statue.

The massive statue was reportedly part of a Halloween show outside the furniture store.  The store owner Anthony Ciulla stated that “It’s been part of the store’s identification for years.”

“That was our charm for many years and someone just came up and pulled it out of the ground,” He further said that.It was bolted down and they just walked away with it.”

The Boynton Beach police share on th twitter. The tweet that the police share:

“The decoration was intended to help draw people to the store, Ciulla stated.

“It is essential for us as we have very little traffic over here so anything we can do to turn heads at our store for attention is so important,” he described.

Ciulla states that he only noticed Bigfoot was missing when he goes to take down a section of the display. The store has cameras, but Ciulla told that the video footage only goes back a few weeks and that the alleged theft occurred before that.

“We have so many decorations up I did not even discover that it was missing till it was too late,” he stated.

He further added that whoever robbed Bigfoot would have needed help.

“What are you going to do with the gorilla?” he said. “I know they are not going to place it in their house except they have vaulted ceilings because this thing is so big it is going to hit the ceiling.”

Twitter users are having a field day with the story. “Pretty sure I got a sight of him in Yosemite,” written by one twitter user.

Another Twitter user tweeted that “He went home.”

The police department gave more details in a Facebook post, addressing that they think the statue was stolen sometime between Oct. 6 and 13.

The post says that “The owner informed the theft to us on Oct. 20. Sadly, there is no video surveillance of the theft.

“Clearly, it took more than one individual to steal the statue, which is valued at $3,000. It is not accurately the easiest thing to hide.”

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