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Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt: New Gruesome Ridiculous Rumors

Brad Pitt is said to have filmed sex movies with Angelina Jolie. The two are now in the Rose War for more than three years. After their separation still makes headlines, again and again, there are currently new rumors that could jeopardize his image.

“Angie and Brad used to have wild sex parties on a regular basis and it got very perverted,” claims a supposed “insider” to the US National Enquirer’s leaflet. “Nothing was taboo. There were whips, nipple clamps, chains, leather, hot wax, gag – whatever. ”

Where is the sex tape?

Allegedly, the former lovebirds simply could not keep their fingers off each other and supposedly use every opportunity for their togetherness: “They had sessions in the private jet. Brad even hinted at a wild love affair in the cockpit of Angie’s plane while it was on autopilot, “the” informer “quoted as saying. “There was nothing that Angelina Jolie did not want to try, and Brad always has done that for her.”

These supposedly intimate moments could possibly catch up with Brad because he should not know where the private photos are currently. He should, however, be convinced that they are still in the possession of his ex.

The heartthrob should, therefore, fear that Angie wants to make it public to harm him. “These shots are there, and Angie claims she does not know where they are,” the insider continues. “But I would not be surprised if Angie found a way to release an edited version to make Brad look bad.” God, this is all ridiculous.

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