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Are Kylie Jenner And Drake Dating Each Other! Here’s The Truth Behind The Viral Rumor

Allegedly nothing is impossible when it comes to talking about Hollywood romances since 22-year-old makeup mogul Kylie Jenner is now being rumored to be sparking a connection with Drake who is a musician and renowned rapper.

During Drake’s birthday party which was venued at Goya Studios in Hollywood last month, Kylie and Drake reportedly appeared to be into each other, according to many sources. Now, a new report deposes that the two of them have been captured spending time together “romantically.” Here’s the truth behind the rumor- Kylie Jenner And Drake Dating Each Other!!!

From sources, it had been confirmed that at Drake’s birthday party both were seen having a secret connection and Kylie had been seen hopping and rapping to the song and dancing, which absolutely shows she was in a good mood. Though both of them haven’t been seen dancing together at the party but were seemed to have a connection. Even it has also seemed as Kylie arrived at the venue there was a huge smile on Drake’s face as soon she enters the birthday bash.

Even from inside sources, it has been confirmed that after the birthday party both have been seen hanging out together ‘romantically.’ Even Kylie stated that “They have been friends for a long time and Drake is very close to the family.”

However, it hasn’t been confirmed exactly what’s going on between the two, are they really dating each other or just it is a viral rumor, until any statement comes from one of the two its a rumor only.

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