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Black Panther 2: Falcon And ‘Bucky’ Winter Soldier Rumored To Be A Prominent Part Of Storyline

Is it true?? Falcon and the ‘Bucky’ winter soldier may return in Black panther season 2!!!! Hence, here’s everything related to the Context!!!!!

Disney+ most expensive show Black Panther season 2 once another rumor that Falcon and Bucky winter soldier may return back. As well as the first Disney+ series the falcon and the Winter soldier, which is ready to set to see Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes continue to deal with the fallout from Endgame. And the larger MCU anybody guesses that the duo could be set to make their return to big-screen in Ryan Coogler highly anticipated Black Panther 2.

Sources said that nothing is finalized at this time and we all have known Bucky has a history with the nation of advanced technologically, having gone into hiding in Wakanda following the events of Captain America: Civil War. Well, there’s been small rumors on Black Panther 2 and it’s that Sam and Bucky to be a prominent part of their storyline.

Well, we all have known that this show was in some development and teaming up with Anthony Mackie as Falcon and Sebastian Stan’s as Bucky and they both are doing well in this show.

Although the end of the Civil War we saw that the Black Panther stop Zemo from committing suicide and turn over him to the authorities and it highly appears he is back in action in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier with his comic-accurate mask.

Therefore, there is no confirmation by Disney+ or Marvel’s studios that Falcon and Bucky winter soldier to be a prominent part of the storyline is not confirmed yet and now it’s just a rumor nothing else. But this is true that there are chances only a possibility as the film is still being definitely developed, respectively.

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