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‘Fresh Off The Boat’ ABC Cancels Asian-American Drama After Six Seasons

ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat, the lasting humorous series about an Asian-American family in broadcast television past days, will close this season, according to a source.

According to the source, ABC stated to the production team on Thursday that it will not proceed for more episodes, and the program will come out next year, with its 14th and 15th episodes presenting as a one-hour series denouement.

ABC authenticated the report in a publisher’s description scatter Friday and notified that the last episode would broadcast on February 21. As the program’s reviews dwindled in current times, ABC worked Fresh Off the Boat from its Tuesday night family block to a renewed TGIF block on Fridays, but that hasn’t increased its deed.

The program’s sixth-season revival this season was blemish by contention following lead Constance Wu tweeted she was “really crying” when the new season was declared. Wu following explained that she wasn’t feeling sad because Fresh Off the Boat was recovered, but because the revival implied giving up another project that she actually required to do.

A source shows that the creator Nahnatchka Khan stated that he was so proud of the program and what they’ve achieved over the prior six seasons. Further, he stated, ‘Kudos you everyone at ABC and 20th Century Fox Television for running this ride with us.

It was really a different experience and probably will eternally be a reminder of all the stories out there that deserve to be released. Like B.I.G. stated, ‘And if you don’t know, now you understand.’

While Fresh Off the Boat arrived in 2015, it was the initially aired humorous series about an Asian-American family since Margaret Cho’s All-American Girl in 1994. Led by Khan, who works as showrunner, and managing producer Melvin Mar, it will close its run with six seasons and 116 created events.
This was the first single-camera comedy to rejoice Chinese New Year and the first web program to drive to Asia, covering the process for Asian-American content to become its own dramatic genre.
Fresh Off the Boat follows up, highlighting the family of Indian whose offspring goes to school with Eddie is in progress. Penned by Fresh Off the Boat writer-producer Rachna Fruchbom, the event that will introduce the family in FOTB has not been recorded though.
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