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‘Good Omens’ Alum Michael Sheen Spills Beans On His Chemistry With Co-Star David Tennant

Good Omens stars Alum Michael Sheen spills beans on his chemistry with his Co-star David Tennant. Hence, here’s everything related to that News!!!!

As well as, we all have known that Good Omens dropped on Amazon back in month May, and the internet has gone to render insane for the unlikely love story between Aziraphale the angel and Crowley the demon, as brilliantly played by Michael and Tennant.

Following their affiliation on Tv adaptation of Good Omens, Michael Sheen has discussed his on-screen chemistry with his Co-star David Tennant.

Although, we all have known that this show is based on Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s apocalyptic novel- Good Omens. And Sheen portrayed Angel Aziraphale while the former time lord plays his powerful and opposite named a demon Crowley.

In her statement, Michael said, if it’s something that either happens or it doesn’t Michael and Tennant were both admirers of each other work. In fact, Michael said they both work in a similar way and this is the main reason for their on-screen chemistry and reason for their attraction to each other.

At last Michael said they both were quite open to what other actors are doing and are open to working directly and they both are doing that and for Michael, it’s lovely opportunities to work with David Tennant.

Therefore, in the interview, Michael asked was to name the performer he thought he had the best on-screen chemistry with David and that statement creates many more controversies in the corridor of Hollywood, respectively.

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