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Is Comedian Peter Kay Dead? Or Is It Just A Death Hoax? Here’s Every Detail Of It.

What happens when simple news becomes a hoax and well gets totally out of hand? Recently a comedian fell.prey to the news that started that he is dead! What is this all about? Let’s find out.

Recently, Pete Kay fell prey to a false death hoax. The news of RIP Peter Kay is trending on Twitter. The forty-six-year-old comedian has become the centre of this death news that was even shared by football legend Peter Reid in error.

This nonsensical pranks left dams angry an disappointed. Some even commented and expressed their disgust. Some wrote these RIP jokes are just plain wrong and pathetic. Some fans cleared the air by saying that Peter Kay is very much alive and these kinds of pranks are not just funny. Another fan said that we would understand what effect this can have on Peter’s family.

Peter Kay has taken a break in his career. He also cancelled his 2017 your due to unforeseen family circumstances. Although he did return briefly to promote screening of his hit series Phoenix Nights in aid of Cancer Research. According to records his cash and investments, spread through his companies have only increased over time despite staying out of the show business. His Goodnight Vienna Productions is now worth a whooping £23.7 million.

This sudden prank involving the comedian is still beyond our understanding. We still don’t know how and why this took place and tending on Twitter. On the other hand, Chris Evans has claimed that Peter Kay can make a come back soon at the National Television Awards. This could be something big. This prank has surely created a buzz for the comedian. We don’t really know what the comedian has to say about the trending prank that has soon turned into a false death hoax in Twitter.

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