John Cena and Shay Shariatzadeh have been courting before some times. The Fast & Furious 9 star made his relationship formal when he stepped on the red carpet with Shay before some weeks.They have been apparently spent time with each other. When aficionados are delighted to perceive Cena happy, they have been alluding to that Shay evokes them of Cena’s ex-partner Nikki Bella. Just a recommendation, Cena separated from the Total Bellas actor previous year.

Most lately, while the actor arrived on the Today show, anchor Andy Cohen chose to get a chance and ascertain his view on the famous assumption that Nikki and Shay look alike. Cena said, “Andy, thank you so much for asking that question, but I’ll keep that as your question and keep those aspects to myself.” 

When he decided to remain mum about the comparison, Cena did tell he is comfortable with his life. “I can speak with the great spirit. I’m delighted. I always seek and give you a little something,” he stated.

Further asking to him that how his bond with Shay was inconsistent from that with Nikki, Cena stated, “Well you know every event in life is a chance for us to know who we are and who we‘re not and just because I went down one boulevard in life doesn’t mean I’m going to revolve going down that boulevard.” 

He continues that he thought if there is a learning experience for him and a takeaway for him, it’s ok to be who you are, and it’s ok to set limits.  You always asked him about private things and he always said that ‘Thank you Andy for asking, but I’ll keep those details to myself’ so just because an example was established, didn’t indicate you need to follow that example as long as you take possession of who you are and he thought that’s a significant information for anybody watching out there.