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Joker Becomes The New Banner Of World Protests

There is no doubt that Joker of Todd Phillips became a phenomenon, since before its release. The solo tape of Prince Clown of Crime aroused countless comments both positive and negative. However, the character has taken a new media course to become the new symbol of social protests around the world.

Thanks to a new report from the France 24 television channel, it is known that countries such as Chile, Hong Kong, Lebanon, and Iraq have begun using Joaquin Phoenix’s makeup face as an anti-system banner against the governments of those nations.

Even the media said that weeks after the premiere of the film, the figure of Batman’s arch-nemesis has roamed the streets of Lebanon. A group of graffiti artists called Ashekm painted a clown mural accompanied by Molotov bombs. Also, a Chilean community located in Los Angeles, California wrote at the bottom of a statue “we are all clowns.”

William Blanc, a historian, and author of the book Super-Héros joins Histoire politique, argued in an interview for France 24 that Joker serves as an echo to protest against governments that do not seek their citizens.

“Todd Phillips’ movie about the Joker has real evocative power. It is the echo of a form of protest against a political system that people believe is inflexible and does not pay attention to people, ”he said.

Through social networks, several international media have compiled a series of photographs that attest that Joaquin Phoenix’s character has become the voice against corruption.

“Some people in Lebanon are protesting against the corruption of the political elite with Joker makeup.”

In this new version of the famous villain, Todd Phillips opted to introduce us to a man completely ignored by society facing a social environment mired in violence. In addition to this, a series of tragic events cause them to lose the stability of their emotions that lead to a complete abyss.

With this premise, William Blanc warns that there is a feeling similar to that caused by V de Venganza, a film that in previous years also served as an image of various protests.

“The central theme of both films is social fragmentation, the fact of finding oneself alone, dealing with misery itself. At the end of the Todd Phillips movie, in a way similar to what happens at the end of V for Vengeance, everyone puts on the same mask to join as a group, to create a collective, so as not to feel alone in the fight individual “commented.

During the Venice Festival, Todd Phillips had explained the main differences of his Joker compared to past versions. There, he pointed out that his main objective was not to make Arthur Fleck / Joker a political or revolutionary symbol, but rather that the character is only someone who seeks flattery from others.

“I think it becomes, by mistake, a symbol, and really what I was looking for was flattery. This Joker never looked for the world to burn in flames. As for the past, [Joker] this is something different, ”he said.

What will the director think now that Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker has managed to become a revolutionary symbol amid the protests that afflict the real world?

In recent days, Joker has managed to become the highest-grossing film with an R rating above Deadpool 1 and 2. For now, the film is still in theaters and here you can read our review.

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