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Kevin Feige Planning To Add Venom Into Future Marvel Films, And It Might Be Spider-Man: 3!

The long-running will they/won’t they among Disney and Sony over the eventual fate of Spider-Man was at last finished the other month, a lot to the pleasure of Marvel fans all over the place, and keeping in mind that the general terms of the new understanding have just been uncovered, regardless we have a huge amount of inquiries concerning what this implies for the establishment going ahead.

Certainly, we realize that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will continue swinging around the MCU for some time yet, yet how he’ll factor into Sony’s very own Marvel universe is still somewhat cloudy. No doubt, Venom 2 or maybe Venom 3 will see Spider-Man and Eddie Brock clash, yet could Tom Hardy’s character go the other way and appear in a MCU motion picture one day?

It appears to be in this way, as sources near WGTC – similar ones who disclosed to us Black Knight was going to the MCU and who uncovered the Endgame re-discharge post-credits scene a long time before it hit theaters – have educated us that Kevin Feige is currently considering including Venom into some MCU films. Nothing is unchangeable at this time, however evidently the maker is more open to the thought than he was previously and all things considered, in the following not many years, Tom Hardy will turn up in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

Obviously, it’s not actually like Marvel needs to bring any of Sony’s comic book characters into the MCU, as they’re doing fine and dandy without any semblance of Venom, Morbius, Kraven the Hunter, and so on. In any case, that being stated, it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why at any rate Eddie Brock could make the bounce, given the prominence he’s encountering right presently because of the achievement of his first performance trip. Also that this comes to us from similar sources who revealed to us a Thunderbolts venture was being developed, which MCU Cosmic simply affirmed for the current week, so we have no motivation to question it.

What’s more, the more cross-fertilization between the MCU and SUMC the simpler it’ll be to keep Spider-Man around and support the present association. So truly, it’d be a success win for everybody and once we hear progressively about where Venom could turn up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’ll make certain to tell you.

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