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Kristen Stewart And Dylan Meyer, Here’s The Complete Relationship Timeline

It has been a month since the two love birds are dating one another.
Kristen Stewart is dating Dylan Meyer, and it has been of their togetherness. Before Dylan, Kristen was in a relationship with model Stella Maxwell. But both of them parted themselves from each other but hey still feel united and might come back again anytime soon.

As far as Kristen’s relationship with Dylan is concerned, Krysten is pretty much serious about that.

She has been seen for multiple numbers of times happily spending time with Dylan ad since both of them are bicoastal, they get to see other very often. Kristen is seen spending most of her time with Dylan and very happy about it.
Kristen has not stopped her from showing her feelings for Dylan, and this is the reason they are seen together very often.

Screenwriter Meyer has written for many films which include 2015’s Loose Ends, Sci-fi series Miss 2059 and also for XOXO. Not just screenwriting, she has even acted in several films.

While in typical Kristen-Stewart fashion, the couple travels a bit under the radar. Although they got less media attention and they personally do not come out in public very often; still there is something which we know about both of them.

Meyer tweeted something in September 2019, which directly hinted that she all in love with her new friend Stewart. She wrote, “There is nothing like falling in love with someone to make you abruptly aware of all the different embarrassing directions your hair can go.”
Stewart even brought Meyer as her date to the Toronto International Film Festival despite only dating for a few weeks.

While Meyer and Stewart didn’t walk the red carpet together, they were photographed holding hands.
In October 2019, both of them were even seen going for a Karate class together.

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