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Mother Of 5-Year-Old Who Went Missing Now Refuses To Help Police To Find Her

The mother of a five-year-old girl who disappeared from her home is denying to help police find her, officials say.

On early Wednesday morning, Taylor Rose Williams reportedly vanished from her bedroom in Jacksonville, Florida.

Brianna Williams, the girl’s mother originally informed the police that Taylor was disappeared when she checked her in her bedroom.

The Girl’s mother also said that the back door to the home was unlocked – but investigators now state that they do not know when the last time anyone, except her mother, has seen the 5-year-old, Taylor alive.

A naval petty officer, Brianna Williams, was interviewed by police this week about ‘inconsistencies’ in her story, which is when she reportedly ceased cooperating with law enforcement, Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams stated during a press conference on Thursday.

Sources reported that the Officials said they have knocked on more than 600 houses during their quest for Taylor, but they have not found a trail of the girl.

More than 300 officers, including a dive team and police dogs, have been used to find the girl.

At the press conference, Sheriff Williams requested anyone who has seen Taylor with her mother in the last six months to come ahead.

Williams stated that “Really no matter how unimportant they believe that interaction may have been, no matter where it was, we support them to stretch out and give us that last, you know, that may be the last piece of details we need.”

He also stated about Taylor’s mother’s refusal to help in finding her daughter saying that “Here is what we know, We understand that Brianna Williams was the last person to view Taylor and we want her to join with us in this investigation.”

” A reward of $4,000 is being offered for any details regarding Taylor’s whereabouts.”

“No one has been accused with crime yet, but Williams said ‘at this point, nothing is off the table.”

“We rest assured that we will surely locate Taylor,” Williams further added.  “We are not going to stop on our attempts to locate her and there is not one scenario or theory that we are not exploring and every opportunity is being looked at.”

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