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On His 50th birthday, Matthew McConaughey Makes His Debut On Instagram

The ‘True Detective’ star Matthew McConaughey has joined Instagram on his 50th birthday.

‘The Beach Bum’ actor Matthew follows Jennifer Aniston in joining the social network. McConaughey’s first post on the social network is a video of him explaining the reason why he has joined the site, and what can people expect from his account.

“I want to show peoples “who I am” when they come to my page,” he said. ” See, this is my first dare into sharing myself and my views with the world, and I’m nervous about it because quite frankly,” he added.

“I’m not sure that I want to have the monologue. But I know I have to have the dialogue, too”. He continued: ” I’m looking forward to sharing who I am with you, to seeing if who I am translating.” “If it makes you laugh if it makes you think for a second if it touches your heart if it makes you feel to take a quiet moment and go for a walk.”

He continued: “Let’s have fun with it tough.”

McConaughey has 609K followers on Instagram. He described himself in his bio as a “Husband. Father. Actor. Minister of Culture. Professor. Creative Director. Pickle Expert. Austin FC. JKLivin”

The Oscar-winning actor celebrated his extraordinary day on the 4th of November and shared the update with his fans and followers on Twitter.

Matthew McConaughey is very excited about his debut on Instagram.

Matthew McConaughey’s latest roles come in a new upcoming indie film, The Beach Bum.

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