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Sony Drafting Plans For A Venom And Morbius Crossover Movie, Here’s Every Detail Of It

Sony may have just deserted two Spider-Man movies of their own and took steps to wreck a third after their much-pitched contest with Marvel Studios over the eventual fate of the famous hero, yet the studio still appears to be urgently quick to set up a Spidey-nearby true to life universe.

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker might be authoritatively set to proceed as one of the MCU’s key players, however the new arrangement among Sony and Marvel likewise enables the entertainer to show up in films for the two studios, and there’s little uncertainty that the previous will be quick to drain that specific money bovine for everything it has. In any case, they can’t depend on Spider-Man alone, and following Venom’s mammoth film industry pull two or three years back, Sony at long last have a bankable comic book establishment dependent on another character.

Venom 2 is as of now well into pre-creation, with Andy Serkis set to immediate and Woody Harrelson repeating his post-credits job as Eddie Brock’s most despised enemy Carnage and now, sources near We Got This Covered – similar ones who revealed to us that another Scream motion picture was going on, which was affirmed for the current week – have educated us that Sony is now arranging some prominent hero hybrid occasions of their own.

The Jared Leto-featuring Morbius hits theaters a while before Venom 2, with reports demonstrating that the advantageous wannabe is set to show up in it, and as indicated by our intel, the studio is quick to have the two characters run into each other sooner or later in a future film. On the off chance that this all appears as though they’re resolved to straightforwardly replicating the MCU’s recipe and seeking after comparative outcomes, that is on the grounds that this is actually what it is.

Just like the case with any hybrid film, we’ve heard that Morbius and Venom will start as foes before joining to bring down a typical enemy. The subtleties on this potential task end there, however with Sony’s very own Marvel Universe banking intensely on the achievement of Morbius so as to give Venom some help as a reasonable establishment, it would bode well for the two to collaborate and benefit as much as possible from their potential film industry request. Furthermore, when we get familiar with what the studio has arranged, we’ll unquestionably tell you.

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