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Teen, 17, Who ‘Physically Abused’ A Minor, 10, On Her Way To Home Sentenced To Prison

A boy who said he molested a 10-year-old girl because he was ‘angry and full of hate’ has been jailed for seven years.

The boy, 17-year-old, who cannot be named, left the 10-year-old girl unconscious in a stream following the attack in Exmouth, Devon.

A court heard that the boy was cycling home when he noticed the girl on October 4 last year near a green area, near the river bank which is covered in trees.

The terrified girl was returning from school to home, she heard him rushing up behind her so she took her mobile out to call her mum.

But he grasped it and threw it into the bushes, grasped her around the throat and pulled her down a bank into the stream.

She then fell senseless and was molested by the boy in the undergrowth, Bristol Crown Court was told.

The girl was spotted by a witness who heard her shouting out for a teacher and said she arrived disorientated.

They helped the girl from the stream before informing the police. The boy escaped the scene but he was arrested the following day.

Judge Mrs. Justice May jailed the boy for seven years and two months, telling him that You attacked her in the ugliest and cruel way.”

“After molesting her, you waited for a short while before leaving her in that state half in and half out of the water, soaking wet. Why on earth did you do it?’

The judge stated that the boy had said to a psychiatrist that he was angry, full of hate and desired to cause damage” to another person.

He thought that attacking a person in a physical manner would cause ‘the most psychological injury’, Mrs. Justice May stated.

She said the boy that “You took measures to inflict the most destruction you could on a young person much younger and smaller than you.”

“You used a big deal of force on her and you were conscious of the result of your actions.”

Mrs. Justice May said that the consequences on the girl and her family was ‘as critical as it possibly could be’.

He admitted charges of molestation, choking the girl with performing to commit physical assault.

The boy was also given an extended sentence of eight years on a license, which the boy will serve after his discharge from prison.

In March, a jury acquitted the boy of a charge of trying to murder the girl following a trial.

They were unable to reach a verdict on charge molestation. The boy accepted this charge in July on the first day of his re-trial.

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