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The Moment When Kevin Feige Told Jeremy Renner There Are No Plans For A Hawkeye Movie

Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye

As per the information of Marvel studios President kevin Feige, there was a deal in place for Jeremy Renner to lead a Hawkeye movie, but somewhere down the line , Feige decided to make changes there, and cast a more suitable candidate for a Disney+ Show.

Renner’s reaction on this Idea

According to Feige The existence of Disney+show Hawkeye’s series was first reported back in April, though one can logically assume Kevin-Feige’s discussion with Jeremy Renner about it happened in many Months before. It wasn’t named at that time .

Disney’s streaming service was announced in August 2017

When Feige and MCU brass were deciding that Hawkeye branching off was a better fit for the small screen. Jeremy also mentioned as if Kevin Feige informed this then it was fine with reprising Hawkeye’s for Disney+, so the movie was naturally set aside.

For years there had been talk about Hawkeye would get his own move, and while Renner was game for that, He also said that he didn’t want to wait too long for it to happen.

Disney+ offers spotlight

Disney+ offer an opportunity to spotlight both established and brand new characters who otherwise wouldn’t be afforded the opportunity to lead their own big screen stories.

Disney+ shows that’ll star familiar faces include The Falcon and Winter Soldier, Loki and Wanda vision along with Hawkeye.

Hawkeye series will see Clint Barton training Kate to be the new Hawkeye following the events of Avengers: Endgame, and while kate hasn’t been officially cast yet, Hailee Steinfeld has reportedly looked for the role.

Hawkeye get his own movie as originally planned at least now they are getting six to eight extra hours of him rather then just two. Marvel Disney+ show will be made with the same level of quality as the movies. So, there is no short-changed in Hawkeye. It is set to debut on Disney+ sometime in late 2021

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