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Toy Story :They Reveal The Controversial Scenes That Won’t Be In Disney+

Disney + is about to arrive and according to several reports, it will cut some controversial scenes from some of the company’s films.

Disney + is about to arrive in the United States. The platform promises to be the meeting point for the new Disney series and movies, as well as the company’s entire catalog. Or well, almost whole. According to several reports, Disney + will skip some scenes due to its controversial nature.

The first absence is the song Canción del Sur 1946, a hybrid of live-action and animation that has been noted for its racism. The film has been out of circulation for a long time and its only vestige recognized by the company is the Splash Mountain attraction of the Disney parks, so it is not surprising that it has not been considered for the streaming platform.

Disney also decided to cut the characters “Jim Crow” from Dumbo, as well as the song “When I see an elephant fly.” This was also one of the greatest absences of Dumbo’s live-action, directed by Tim Burton and released this year.

Finally, Toy Story 2, the classic Pixar movie, also suffered a cut. The post-credit scene in which Stinky Pete promises two Barbie dolls a role in the next film in the franchise will not be part of the film when it reaches Disney +.

The controversy is not the only reason there will be absences at Disney +. Due to rights issues, only seven MCU films will be available at the launch of the platform. Deals with other services also prevented tapes such as Coco and Wifi Ralph from arriving at Disney + from the beginning.

Disney + will also not have R-rated content, in an effort to maintain a secure identity for the whole family. The platform will arrive on November 12 and will feature original series and films such as The Mandalorian and the live-action of The Lady and the Tramp.

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