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Video Footage Released By Sacramento Authorities Shows The Moment A 23-Year-Old Woman Was “Executed” By Her Boyfriend As Deputies Responded To The Scene

Sacramento authorities released video footage which shows the moment when a 23-year-old woman was “executed” by her lover as deputies responded to the scene.

On October 27, Chanell Brown was fatally shot by her rude boyfriend, Earnest Easterling, after a dispute outside a home. Before her death, Brown had called officials, who came at the scene during the argument, the sources reports. 

Sacramento Sheriff’s Office released security footage that shows Brown’s final minutes as she seeks to defend others from Easterling, who was having a gun.

Easterling can be heard speaking in the video that “You got the police called on me, I did not do (expletive).”

Chanell Brown speaks to someone out of the video frame “Lock your door lock it.”

The video then shows deputies appearing at the scene. As Brown supports with reacting officers, she starts to walk out of frame, which is when Easterling can be seen approaching her and firing at point-blank range. Within instants, Easterling is fired by the deputies.

“That video expresses a thousand words,” Sacramento County Sheriff Sergeant Tess Deterding said in a comment released with the video. “If you watch it, everything reveals in a split moment.”

On Wednesday, a source reports that Brown’s family held a press conference. They stated that Easterling was Brown’s boyfriend and he was abusive. They described her final times “angelic.”

Veronica Brown spoke of her daughter that “Everything about her was an angel, she helped you. She saved lives the night she died she saved lives, she saved other people, she sacrificed her own life. That was what really happened. She sacrificed herself.”

Brown’s sister Kevonna stated that she had worked in the military with Easterling before he started dating Channel.

Kevonna said that “I served with this man. I believed he would protect her, not hurt her. He was my sister’s first boyfriend, her first boyfriend. You do not always get a second chance.”

But the family member had felt something was not right while the two were dating.

Kevonna further said that “She had distanced herself from family, She moved away.”

The family believed the press conference would help other people suffering from domestic violence seek help.

The victim’s brother, Keith Brown said that “Our goal was to make awareness to the circumstances, moving forward, you know, ’cause that is something as a family that should be our purpose to do for her.”

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