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Were You Able To Spot Mistake In The Latest ‘Wheel Of Fortune’?

On Thursday’s “Wheel of Fortune” episode, the fans were left outraged when Pat Sajak made a major mistake during the show that led a contestant winning around.

When U.S. Marine Corps vet Angela Evans went on the stage to host the special “Veteran Week” celebration of the show, she unknowingly guessed a letter that was not present in the puzzle which she was attempting to solve along with others.

Fortunately for her, Sajak misheard her a letter and gave her a missing letter which led her to win that game.

“DRINKING FROM A COCONUT” was the phrase given to Evans, and in the attempt to solve the phrase, she guessed that letter “B”, but Sajak understood it to be “D” and gave her a free missing letter for the phrase.

Obviously, she was then able to solve the phrase and won the round.

When she proceeded towards the next round, the same kind of mistake seemed to take place again.

She guessed the letters “B-H-D,” which were once again misheard by Sajak. “By the way, the third consonant was a D – Is that what you said? B-H-D?” he tried to clarify.

The miscommunications were later sorted out, but not without annoying some fans in the process.

Angry took their aggression out on twitter by tweeting hate comments and even trolled the contestants for their silly mistake.

Although Evans did not solve the bonus puzzle which was given to her but did go home with $19,800 worth of prizes.

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