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23 Old Man Committed Suicide Over Unknown Reason

Isaac Powner, a 23-old-man, who was Barman jumped gave up his life for a reason which is not known.

He jumped from a bridge to his death losing his family Radio at Radio’s Big Weekend.

Reportedly, he enjoyed the day at the Middlesbrough festival when he was found on the A 74 in May this year.

When his family was asked regarding Powner’s activities on the day he died, they said he had tried to message them at 7:20 pm, two hours before his death after becoming separated.

However, the speech texts which were sent by him were slow to send due to the huge volume of people at the festival.

Robyn Powner, mum Suzie Henderson-Thynne, and girlfriend Bethany Golden said in an interview, “We think something must have happened in those last two hours to make him do what he did.”

Isaac was seen walking towards an officer, as per the information was given by Teesside Coroner’s Court

Officers kept trying to save his life for 25 minutes but were not able to save him.

In the post-mortem report, it was found that he had a blood-alcohol level of 202 milograms, meaning he would have been around two to three times over the drink-drive limit.

Isaac’s family remembered him with a very emotional statement “very funny, kind, considerate and loving young man”.

They were shocked at his death as he had worked for the whole week ad even book a ticket to meet his dad.

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