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Autistic Child Assaulted By School Bus Driver, Case Filed

In a horrifying case from SALT LAKE CITY in Utah (Meredith), a video has been released which is really hard to watch and contains scenes that are not advised for everyone.

The video contains scenes where a former Alpine District School’s bus driver ‘Gray Bertagnole’ is seen shouting and getting physical with a 16-year-old innocent autistic student.

Aaron Kinikini is the attorney representing the family whose child was mistreated by the driver.

“A mature man shouldn’t assault a child on a school bus.,” Kinikini said. “The bigger system problems are why did this bus driver has zero discipline about how to deal with ‘A’ people with disabilities and ‘B’ this specific child.”

Although the bus driver was fired shortly after this incident came out in public, but according to the information provided by Saratoga Sprigs City Police Department, no criminal charges were brought against the bus driver eve after this horrific incident.

The boy who was seen in the video is autistic, blind and non-verbal and that is the reason he needs particular attention, as informed by Kinikini(family’s attorney)

Families with children that have complex needs rely on the systems that are in place, the special Ed systems, they are kind of hesitant to put that in jeopardy,” Kinikini said.

The system that is in place to protect these helpless children needs to be reassessed from the top down,” Kinikini said.

In 2018, administrative complaints were filed by the ‘Disability Law Center’ with the Utah State Board of Education.

Kinikini says the concerned authorities found no violations. Now, the law firm has filed a civil rights complaint lawsuit against several parties, including the Alpine School District and Utah State Board of Education, so every child riding on a school bus can feel safe.

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