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Beatles Photographer, Robert Freeman Dies At 82

Photographer Robert Freeman has died at the age of 82 whose some of the work included the Beatles’ most recognizable album covers, Well, it’s a very difficult situation for his fans and family, but all have to overcome that.

As well as we know that Freeman began his career shooting images for the British newspaper The Sunday Times. Robert’s work caught the eye of Brian Epstein who’s the Beatles manager and commissioned the budding artist for a group portrait in the year 1963.

Thus being a long-lasting association with the Fab Four over the years, Freeman would design and shoot the covers for many Beatles’ releases. In one of his books The Beatles: A Private View, the photographer remembered the session that produced the iconic Meet The Beatles album art, his first cover shoot for the band.

Although, being one of the most recognizable and imitated covers in rock history Robert goes on to craft the images for more of his band’s albums, which included Beatles For Sale, Help! and Rubber Soul. Robert’s work even was beyond photography, as he has contributed ideas for the band’s posters and for even promotional materials, while also designing the end credit sequences for the Beatles first two films, that were-  A Hard Day’s Night and Help.

First Pirelli Calendar was also shot by Robert only and later he also dabbled in filmmaking. The artist has suffered a severe stroke in 2014, at that time his family sold several pieces of Beatles-related memorabilia to support his recovery.

Therefore, a statement on The Beatles’ official website announced Freeman’s death on Friday but didn’t give a cause. Well, there is no confirmed reason for one of the favorite photographer died, respectively.

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