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Gender Reveal Celebration Turned Deadly Following A Plane Crash

Gender reveal is the best moment that everyone cherishes and adores.
But yet again, in another horrifying incident, gender reveal took a wrong turn and ended risking the lives of many people.
The gender reveal was planned by a friend of the expecting parents in Turkey in early September about 100vmiles of Amarillo.September in Turkey, TX, about 100 miles from Amarillo.
He planned to spill gallons of pink water from a small plane (the water was colored in accordance with the baby’s gender).
But the pilot flew too low to be safe mid-stunt, and the plane, in no time, stalled after dumping out the water and then crashed into the ground.
The reports of the accident left everyone baffled and shocked, but this is not the first case of gender reveal that left everyone in tears.
  •  In another case of Gender Reveal, about 47,000 acres of Arizona grasslands burned after the gender reveal celebration sparked wildfire last year.
  • A video in July showed a car in Australia burning into flames after it released blue smoke in a gender reveal stunt, where the father was penalized with a $1,000 fine.
  • A family in Iowa accidentally built a working pipe bomb for a gender reveal announcement that killed a grandmother attending the celebration.

Many have now accepted the fact that the more these gender reveal parties and innovating, the more they are creating danger for the society as a whole.

In the current case, Luckily, the crashed plane appears to be the only lasting damage sustained during the September 7 stunt. The pilot was not injured, while a second passenger only sustained minor injuries. According to a report from the National Transportation Safety Board, the plane was designed to carry just one person.
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