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Gordon Ramsay Filming ’24 Hours To Hell And Back. Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Based on all the reboots and sequels that come out of Hollywood each year, rehashing an already popular idea definitely helps bring a project to life. Gordon Ramsay the Celebrity face has proven this once again with his forthcoming Fox TV show 24 Hours To Hell & Back.

Fox has announced the premiere dates for its summer shows, and included on the list was Gordon Ramsay’s brand new series. It seems to be fairly similar to a few of Ramsay’s other shows and not just because it had the word hell in its title.

In each and every episode of 24 Hours To Hell & Back, Chef Ramsay would try to help a struggling restaurant avoid shutting its doors down. And would give the restaurants a full makeover, renovating the space and managing the menus, which is not dissimilar to what he does on both  Hotel Hell and Kitchen NightmaresThe one big difference is that in 24 Hours To Hell & Back, he has — you guessed it — just 24 hours to get things turned around at each restaurant.

It is totally clear that the time limit in the show will be the key feature of the show. Both Fox and Gordon Ramsay seem to hope that the intensity will draw into the viewers to watch as they may have gone bored of watching the regular restaurant takeover show model. President of Fox Broadcasting Company’s alternates the entertainment and specials. Are you all going to watch it as it is definitely different from that boring restaurant takeover show model.
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