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Horrifying Child Abuse Footage Shows ‘Evil’ Woman Sobbing Toddler With Her Backside

Police are searching for a woman recorded smothering a sobbing toddler with her backside in a horrific social media video.

On Thursday, the Corpus Christi Police Department shared the shocking video in beliefs that the public may be able to recognize the girl, who police say seems to be two or three-years-old.

In the video footage, an unknown woman can be seen pressing the toddler into a bed with her backside while music plays.

The woman then takes the wailing and coughing girl and seems to squeeze her in between her legs. At one point, the girl appears to shout ‘Mommy.

The Police wrote that ‘This video emerged in a local closed group on social media but we are uncertain if this video originated within the City of Corpus Christi.’ 

‘We have shaded out the image of the minor child for her security. If anyone has any details on the identity or the location of the female in this video, please call 911 immediately.’ 

In the video’s comments, police posted a photo of a tattoo on the ankle of the woman, which seems to be a crown.

The video has been shared more than 2,700 hundred times and accumulated more than 140,000 views since the police posted it on Thursday.

A screenshot from a Facebook user seems to show screen grabs of the video. One even shows the woman stepping on the young girl’s face.

A source suggests that the video may have been uploaded by the woman as part of a private Facebook ‘watch’ party in which spectators must be invited to join.

A Facebook user who flagged the posts up has also reached police to make them conscious of what may be the woman’s identity.

It is uncertain whether the clip was recorded in a bid to make money. The relationship between the child and the woman is still unknown.

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