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Jason Momoa Reveals Unpublished Justice League Image And Calls Out For Snyder Cut

The king of the seas does not remove his finger from the line to launch the Snyder Cut. In recent weeks, not only DC Comics and Zack Snyder fans have spoken once again in favor of the launch of the Snyder Cut, but also the same members of Justice League’s production have joined the prayers. First, it was Fabian Wagner and now it is Jason Momoa who proclaims himself in favor of the launch with an unpublished image of Aquaman and Steppenwolf.

The protagonist of Aquaman (2018) uploaded a black and white postcard to his official Instagram account where his character appears in the foreground nailing the trident to Steppenwolf. Behind them is Wonder Woman watching the scene. “Launch the Snyder Cut. Aloha”, read in the caption.

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This new material could well spin with the original idea that Zack Snyder had regarding the end of Steppenwolf. A few months ago, the American filmmaker revealed that the villain was originally going to die at the hands of Wonder Woman, who was going to decapitate him.

The image has come to light only days after Jason Momoa said in an interview for MTV News that the Snyder Cut does exist and that “everyone needs to see it.” He also pointed out that this version of the superheroes is completely different from what Josh Weddon gave us on-screen almost two years ago.

Until now, it is known that the version of Zack Snyder did go through the special effects department and even Junkie XL (original composer of the soundtrack of the tape), made public knowledge that he managed to finish the Justice League soundtrack.

On Twitter, fans do not stop and have shouted for the launch of the Snyder Cut, which made them a trend in the social network. The last thing that is known is that the followers of the film have requested that the alternate court of Superman and company be launched on the new HBO Max platform. The question is: Can we see it in the near future?

Despite the unfortunate critical reception of the Justice League, the DCEU still shows signs of life. Among the next agreed projects of the characters is Wonder Woman 1984, which has begun to receive negative comments and opens on June 5, 2020. On the other hand, Aquaman 2 will arrive on December 16, 2022.

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