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Lady Gaga Spills Self-Harm After Being ‘Molested’ And ‘Abused’, Details Inside

Well, Lady Gaga has briefly spoken about her story of being”Molested” and “Abused” when she was just 19 years old. Hence, here’s everything related to that context you should have to Know about it!!!!

“Till it happens to you” which is recorded and written Lady Gaga which just how she has overcome his fear and sexual assault. And the songs message and Gaga delivery of it and is raw and haunting, and obviously personal to the singer. But late this week, Gaga hadn’t opened up about what exactly the song and the documentary meant to her but many people and her fans understood her fear feeling with that song lyrics.

Although, Gaga has briefly spoken about her rape and she said she was sexually assaulted at age 19 by a man 20 years her senior. But she didn’t want to define it and we can understand her condition. In her statement, she explained how that incident traumatized her and how that incident changed her who she was complete. In fact, she said after that she takes seven years to tell anyone about her traumatized condition.

Sources said that Gaga blamed herself at first when she thinks about that terrible incident of her life and she said that word in her current statement also.

At last Gaga said that the physical consequences of the rape were just as painful as the emotional and it destroyed your past present future, in fact, your life to. Nearly a decade after the assault, Gaga told she was able to laugh now and again thanks to mental, physical and emotional therapy for healing herself and help to come out with traumatized condition.

Therefore, she’s bravely speaking out about the rape now and in hopes that it helps heal her fans who’ve gone through something similar. And Gaga said she never forgets about that terrible incident and when she reminds that she gets emotional and it’s very hard to forget about that incident for Gaga. So, it’s a very painful and terrible incident of Gaga life that encourages her fans who face a similar situation in their life and how come out with like this situation, respectively.

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