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Lost In Space Season 2 On Netflix? Latest News And Other Major Updates

The Netflix Originals reimagining of ’60s classic series Lost In Space was unleashed on the world back in April 2018. And now its time for its second season. Check out all the details related to it here.

Even their’s one more good news that the adventures of the Robinsons family are set to continue from prior of the first ten-episode season, which isn’t the abrasive reboot some were fearing of.

Though season one didn’t get that much love as it has mixed reviews, so there’s a lot riding on the show’s next ten episodes. Will Robinsons would be delivered or will this end up being the last time we can see the Robinson family on screen?

Shooting for the show has already begun last September of 2018 in Vancouver and had continued till March this year. So, it can be expected that the show has gone to post-production till now. So the fans of Lost In Space has to wait a few more months before it gets onto the screen.

Netflix has officially announced the second season for Lost In Space on May 14, 2018, that was one month and one day after the launch of the first season of the same. Even Lost In Space official twitter page had tweeted after the announcement made by Netflix.

Although, the official date for the premiere of the second season is finally out and it’s not much for now. Fans can prepare themselves for a festive treat as the Second season of Lost In Space would land on December 24, 2019. Fans can wake up on Christmas morning with the series landed down on the streaming platform.

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