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Marvel Drafting Plans To Introduce These Two Major Villains In Fantastic Four Reboot

Well, the Fantastic Four reboot is taking place quietly without being under the limelight exactly how Kevin Feige and co. wanted it to go knowing that superhero family means a lot to the fans and well indeed the studio is under a lot of pressure to get their stories right so it is best to avoid any limelight, well other movies have done exceptionally well and fans have very high hopes from this movie as well and we really hope they manage to keep the name intact, we still aren’t aware about any specific details of the movie, however, a very trusted source has let us know that currently, Marvel are finalizing two Villians who will be the antagonist between Kang and Annihilus.

Both Kang and Annihilus are known for their incredible ability to vanish the fantastic four and only this they have the capabilities to vanish the entire Marvel superheroes which they can become equally bad for the Marvel studious like Thanos was which also indicates that we might get a new major villain for the Marvel movies and it can be a successor of Thanos.

If we go by the comics then according to us the next big Villian will be Annihilus but there is also a strong possibility for Kang to get the role, now that MCU is up with time travel it makes things simpler as villains can go back in time and fans will not have to think twice about what just happened. Do let us know what you think about this!

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