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Netflix’s The Politician Season 2: Release Date, Cast Ans Other Major Details

Like the show, The Politician Season one premiered just on Sept. 27, though there are already a few details about its Season season — most of the information came from the show The Politician itself. With the advantage of a two-season straight-to-series order, The Politician‘s writers were able to use the Season 1 finale to set up Payton’s next race: instead of gunning to be Saint Sebastian’s class president, he’s decided to position himself as a young, eager new candidate and run for New York senate against the much more experienced Dede Standish.

Payton and his campaign team see her as vulnerable because she’s grown complacent after being re-elected for years unopposed — and because they plan to exploit the fact that she’s in a secret relationship with her husband and another man.

Netflix has this plan from the start since they took over this project in February 2018. And it has been assumed that each season would focus on a different political race in which Payton was involved in.

Although The Politician cast hasn’t revealed much about its second season. “All I know is that it will be very much focused on mine and Judith’s race and that we’ll be in New York now,” Ben Platt, who casts as Payton and is also an executive producer, told this in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Andy Cohen announced that the filming for The Politician season two would soon begin in New York just a few weeks after the premiere of its first season. Murphy also that it would premiere on Netflix in somewhere summer’s  2020, ahead of their nation 2020 presidential election.

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