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Roy Harper Returns As Arsenal In Arrow Final Season!

Breaking News!!!! Roy Harper returns As Arsenal in Arrow final season!!!! Hence, here’s everything related to that context!!

Fans will get to say goodbye to Roy Harper after all, but as Colton Haynes returns for the show’s last and final Season 8th. Well, Haynes debuted on the superhero drama in its first season and quickly became a fan favorite star. Although his on and off again relationship with Oliver’s younger sister, Thea Queen, is a big part of Arrow, especially in the early stage of several seasons of that show.

When, after training with Oliver for a year, Roy takes “Arsenal” as his nickname in season third and becomes a part of the team. Soon after, he makes a sacrifice for Oliver by pretending to be the Green Arrow and faking his own death and is forced to leave town. However, his name is cleared in season 6, first when someone impersonating Tommy Merlyn is believed to be the Green Arrow, and again when Oliver himself reveals the truth.

Although, after guesting in seasons 4 and 6, Haynes returned as a series regular for the 7th season. And according to sources in Arrow’s present-day story, he comes back to Star City to help his friends fight the Ninth Circle. And he also shares after leaving town that he is died, forcing Thea and Nyssa to use the Lazarus Pit.

However, it causes a blood lust that leads him to kill two people, prompting him to leave town once more. Roy also played a key role in Arrow’s flash-forwards to 2040, which showed Oliver and Felicity’s children, Mia and William, in the future. At the start of the season William finds Roy on Lian Yu, the island Oliver lived on at the beginning of the series.

As well as its not rumors, in fact, it’s true that Roy Harper returns as Arsenal In Arrow season 8th, respectively. And the fan is excited to see their favorite star’s on their screen once again. But there is no confirm released date of Arrow last and final Season.

As well as, both Haynes and Holland returning for Arrow’s last season, it’s possible that their characters will finally get the happy ending they deserve. Thea and Roy have been through many ups and downs since meeting in season 1 and have often sacrificed their relationship for Team Arrow. And with Oliver’s possible death during Crisis on Infinite Earths, it’s safe to say that the series finale may be a bleak one. It’s an easy way to lighten it up a little would be for Thea and Roy to get their happy ending and finish Arrow on a fabulous ending and it’s good news for Arrow fans that their favorite show is back with their final Season very soon, respectively.

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