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The 100 Season 7: Premiere Date, Plot, Cast And Other Latest News

“The 100” is back with its Season 7. So here’s you can find everything related to the topic.

As well as, fans of The 100 were left bereft this year after US network The CW announced the show would be wrapping up with season seven. The final run is going to be airing in 2020 with the cast and crew working on the episodes. Showrunner Jason Rothenberg thanked the American broadcaster for allowing the show to conclude rather than trying to carry the story on. Now, viewers will be getting a brand new teen drama from the same universe.

According to the sources, The 100 getting a prequel series helmed by the show’s creator, in other words, boss of the show Rothenberg. Well, the asset yet untitled spin-off series is going to be written by Rothenberg, who originally took from young Adult novels, Kass Morgan’s.

As the prequel series has only just been announced but there’s no news on the release date of the show or episode as well The 100 season 7, which is the final outing, is expected to be airing in the year 2020 with a total of approx 16th episodes.

Although sources confirmed that the new series is most likely to be debuting in the year 2021 around the same time The 100 used to air, so potentially maybe in late spring.

Therefore, there is No cast announcement has yet been made but it will be a fresh set of faces and brand new characters. And this also means the dual leads Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake won’t be featuring in the new series. And this is the bad news for their fans that this time they don’t see their favorite star’s on their screen. However, there’s nothing to suggest characters related to them won’t be in the show. And the new series gives the writers the chance to start from scratch and they wish to have radically different characters for their show in The 100, respectively.

Therefore, this prequel series has only just been announced, there’s no trailer or teaser related to the show. Well, The 100 will be wrapping up next year, it’s highly likely any promos will be coming out after this Season.

So, 100 is coming next in the year 2020. And there is no confirm information related to the show star cast and the short teaser of the show.

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