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The Walking Dead: Macherin Explains “Evil” Negan In Season 10

With Negan ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ) The Walking Dead created one of its most frightening villains ever. However, in the 9th and 10th seasons, the former baseball-wielding savior leader proved that other sides were dormant in him as well.

After the last 5th episode, the tide could turn again. Negan is reunited with his beloved Lucille and wears his iconic leather jacket. Does he return to his bloody roots? Showrunner Angela Kang provided information about Negan’s future.

The Walking Dead: Negans way remains mysterious

So what does Negan’s new-old look for The Walking Dead mean? ” We want to leave that up to the audience, ” the showrunner told.

“The jacket and the baseball bat are so connected to the worst things Negan has done. That look – that’s the Negan we saw when he came into our world and killed two beloved figures. But we’ve only just seen that he killed this guy who killed two innocents, right?”

Kang goes on to say that Negan is someone who takes no risks and that there are a lot of different thoughts going through his head that we’ll hear about later in the season.

“Certainly, we see that he receives a certain side of himself with open arms, which he forced to displace, which leads to the question of whether the old Negan is back again. Was he never right? These are all things we are going to deal with this season.”

Especially the upcoming sixth episode of The Walking Dead should be decisive for Negan’s further character development. At the end of the 5th episode, he knowingly enters the Whisperers’ territory.

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Whether he joins them, infiltrates them or pursues completely different plans will only be seen.

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