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Wild District: Will You Have A Season 3 On Netflix?

The 10 episodes of the second season of “Wild District” are available on Netflix from Friday, November 8.

The second season of ” Wild District “, Netflix’s first original series produced entirely in Colombia, is available on the streaming platform since Friday, November 8. The fiction, created by Cristian Conti and starring Juan Pablo Raba, follows Jhon Jeiver, a dangerous guerrilla who leaves the jungle after a peace agreement was signed between the guerrillas and the Colombian government.

Once in Bogota, Jhon tried to integrate into society to earn a living honestly and reconnect with his family members, but his old life reaches him. Again involved in crimes and corruption, he had to make a decision for the sake of his family.

Meanwhile, in the second installment of ” Wild District “, which takes place six months since the attack on Daniela, while continuing to work as a hitman, Yei Yei tries to adapt to civilian life until he is sent to another mission; and Daniela campaigns amid practical and ethical challenges.

Despite the recent premiere of its new ten episodes and due to the success of the series, streaming service users are already asking for a third season.


Although it has been published in various media that the second season could be the last, apparently in the last chapter of the second installment, the creators of the project have in mind at least one more season to culminate the story of Jhon Jeiver.

However, so far neither Netflix nor the producers have announced the renewal or cancellation of the fiction, so we only have to wait to see if “ Wild District ” gets new episodes.

Recently the series was nominated for 7 India Catalina 2019 awards, including Best Series, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Director, among others, which increases her chances of being renewed.

Normally, the global streaming services platform usually takes a few weeks to evaluate the audience’s response and although it does not release the ratings or the number of viewers of its projects, those figures determine the future of a series.


If Netflix renews the third season ” Wild District ” it is likely that the new episodes will be released in 2020.

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