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Marvel Boss Kevin Fiege Reveals Why Marvel Choose Tony Stark To Die In Avengers: Endgame

Robert Downey Jr. who played the iconic role of Tony Stark aka ‘IRON MAN’ in Marvel’s Avengers Series left his audience in tears with his death scene in Avengers: Endgame.

Tony Stark (Robert) died when he channeled the power of the Infinity Stones to turn Thanos and his army to dust. Certainly, his death(in the movie) was mourned by many and left his audience in awe of him.

While discussing about Tony Stark’s(Iron Man’s) death, , Kevin Feige, who is Marvel Cinematic Universe Studio’s president,  recalled the time when the makers were planning out how the hero(Iron Man) who began the Marvel Cinematic Universe would fall, he and the Avengers: Endgame filmmakers and crew looked to the death of Wolverine in 2017’s Logan for an inspiration and ideas for inspiration and ideas on hitting the right emotional chord of their audiences.

He said, “We saw Logan like the fans did, in a theater having nothing to do with the making of that film and went, ‘oh my god, what an amazing ending for Hugh as this character.’ And there are only a handful of examples where an actor so associated with a character can go out perfectly. That’s what we desperately desired to give Robert, and that was what our focus was on.

Like Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man, Hugh Jackman’s role as Wolverine was adored and watched by audiences for a long time, with Jackman’s character as the clawed mutant serving nine movies across 17 years.

Wolverine died at the end of ‘Logan’ from wounds sustained during a fight with his berserker clone, X-24, and his final words were to his daughter Laura, telling her she doesn’t need to become a weapon like she was made to be.

Kevin Feige shared the things about the time when working on Avengers: Endgame started, he and the other artistic minds wanted to give the “stakes and real emotion” to their fans.

They were committed “100%” to taking Tony Stark off the board, and by making Tony’s end just as impactful as Wolverine’s would help with holding the landing.

Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo earlier said that Tony Stark’s fate in the movie nothing but ‘Destiny’.

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